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» Have you ever wondered how everyday people, just like you, can turn their financial    lives around?
» Have you ever wished that your personal financial affairs were as organized as your    business?
» Do you lack the tools to make great financial decisions for you and your family?
» If the answer is YES, then The Personal Finance Kit has the solutions to your financial    planning problems.
» Inside The Personal Finance Kit, you will find the resources you need to make smarter    decisions and eliminate money-wasting habits.
»This powerful resource guide will get your life moving in the right direction by providing    you with the following tools:
• Self-Assessment Worksheet
• Personal Goals Worksheet
• Financial Goals Worksheet
• Monthly Budget & Expenses Worksheet
• Keeping It Real With Your Money –   Personal Income Statement Worksheet
• 12-Month Cash-Flow Statement
• Personal Balance Sheet
• Credit Evaluation: The Credit Bureau
• Renting vs. Buying A Home
• Housing & Mortgage Analysis
• Mortgage Company Comparison
• Mortgage Dealmaking Worksheet
• Mortgage Refinance Analysis
• Car Buying vs. Leasing
• Car Ownership and Operation Costs
• Credit Card/Store Charge Account   Comparison & Review
• Consumer Loan Comparison
& Analysis
• Debt/Obligation Log
• Retirement Needs Assessment
• Estate Planning Activities
• Estate Tax Projection and
Settlement Costs
• Will & Trust Planning Worksheet
• Personal Records Storage System
• Financial Literacy Websites
The Personal Finance Kit will help you:
  • Achieve a sense of financial self-control
  • Empower yourself to win the financial management game
  • Manage your financial affairs like a profitable business
  • Develop a system to organize and secure your financial records
  • Identify tools that will maximize your wealth
  • Develop a real financial life plan without stress
  • Use Wealth’s Wisdom to create sustainable wealth
Personal Finance Coach, Toussaint Gaskins, will help you to get your money right!

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