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Toussaint Gaskins’ book, “The Personal Finance Kit” is groundbreaking, informative and easy to understand. Experts, critics and consumers agree that “The Personal Finance Kit” is a must-read, must-have book for anyone seeking to understand finance and improve their financial picture.


In the following excerpt, Gaskins walks readers through the all-important     process of “Self-Assessment” where he challenges them to ask and answer the tough questions about their attitudes towards money and their spending habits. The Personal Goals Worksheet at the end allows readers to take a refreshing look at what they want out of life.


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Why should you purchase The Personal Finance Kit?  The book’s contents, as excerpted below, represent a detailed, A to Z itemization of everything you need to know to breathe life into your financial situation.



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For many people the world of finance is like a foreign land where they don’t understand the language or the people or the customs. They believe that financial security is reserved for the already-wealthy and the lucky few who manage to strike it rich through some twist of fate or rare talent…



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