The Personal Finance Kit is an impactful guide to helping couples gain relationship stability by achieving financial stability. Couples are afforded an opportunity to not only learn about their personal finances, but to understand the impact of finances on their relationship. The activities contained in The Personal Finance Kit provide couples with in-depth and practical approaches for managing their finances in simple and realistic ways, not just for the moment, but for a lifetime!”

— Joyce Morley, Ed.D. , J. Morley Productions, Inc., Author, Radio/TV Show Host; Motivational/Keynote Speaker; Psychotherapist; Relationship Expert; Executive/Relationship/Life Coach


Toussaint Gaskins’ Personal Finance Kit provides a road map to get your financial house in order. He takes the complex task of financial planning and breaks it down into easy steps that anyone can follow.

— Deborah Owens, TV Wealth Coach and Author of A Purse of Your Own


“The book is fabulous! It is definitely the key to financial freedom. I have never seen anything like it and I plan to use it personally and purchase it for all of my clients. You have just the right approach and I believe that many people will benefit from you book. Thank you for sharing!”

— Monique R. Gaskins, President of NCCM Chapter of the National African American Insurance Association


“As part of our retirement education, the Government Employees Retirement System of the United States Virgin Islands has incorporated a 12-part Financial Literacy series, developed by Toussaint Gaskins, author of the Personal Finance Kit: The Practical Financial Management and Resource Guide, to assist our members in planning for a productive and successful retirement. This program will increase members’ level of financial literacy while providing the necessary tools to become more financially savvy and self-empowered. We have chosen to use the Personal Finance Kit: The Practical Financial Management and Resource Guide as a supplemental text for our seminar series.”

— Lorraine Gumbs-Morton, PIO, Government Employees’ Retirement System of the US Virgin Islands


“Toussaint’s Personal Finance Kit is a valuable resource for people interested in understanding basic financial principles. His work is presented in a straightforward and easy to understand format. It is a great addition to any financial library or financial literacy program.”

— Kevin R. McGee, President Morehouse College National Alumni Association

“Toussaint Gaskins has compiled an effective, user-friendly guide to money management and wealth building.”

— Kobie Brown, Sr. Dir., Music Licensing & Business Affairs, Sony Music


The Personal Finance Kit helps to simplify the, at times, stressful and confusing world of financial management. Thank you so much for the great financial literacy learning tool, it is truly an asset!”

— Melony Ghee Griffith, MD State Legislator, Mother of two


The Personal Finance Kit simplifies the financial planning and management process. Entrepreneurs would be well served to own this valuable resource.

— Senator Patrick Simeon Sprauve, United States Virgin Islands

“Toussaint Gaskins’ book gives hope to and instills confidence and courage in those of us who continually succumb to unsuccessful ad hoc measures to manage our personal finances. Gaskins’ holistic approach speaks to us on a level we can understand to engineer and manage our personal finances in a way that is congruent with and reflects our own personal spirits. The Personal Finance Kit – The Practical Financial Management Resource Guide is a formula that spells financial freedom – at last!”

— Beverle Michaele Lax,PhD, Linguist, Nairobi, Kenya


“This is a must read for anyone that wants to take control of their finances – proving key insights and additional resources in clear concise language. Easily find the tools necessary to manage personal finances easily and efficiently. This book is truly a gift for those that want to be financially empowered.”
— York Eggleston, IV, Co-Founder & CEO, Semantic Labs


“Thank you for the Personal Finance Kit. It is a very effective reference tool, easy to understand, yet detailed and sophisticated enough to add value to our lifelong learning financial literacy programs. This kit provides an essential foundation in financial planning and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in keeping track of finances, investments and goals.”

— Debra C. Stevens, UVICELL Program Manager, University of the Virgin Islands Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning Center


“Toussaint Gaskins is a mastermind in financial management because he gives you basic approaches to money management. The Personal Finance Kit, is the best tool for me because I now have a comprehensive collection of easy-to-follow worksheets that I can use for budgeting. Buying this workbook is one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made.”

— Xina P. Eiland, Publicist


“For years I have been afraid of investing, but Mr. Gaskins has created a financial resource that left me feeling empowered – not intimidated.”

— Towan Isom – CEO/Founder, Spiritually Speaking; Author, “Chasing Greatness:
The Young Professional’s Guide To A Dynamic Life”


“In these troubled times, God has sent a young man to help us put our business in order…Every Pastor, every business, every individual, you cannot afford not to get this book. It just makes good sense.”

— Rev. (Dr.) S.E. Gaskins. Sr. – Senior Pastor, Christian Memorial Church Inc. C.O.G.I.C.


The Personal Finance Kit is a must have for the young person who is just starting his/her financial life and for the more seasoned individual who is already financially savvy, but desires more structure. The worksheets make it a practical guide for all phases of life.”

— Venessa M Perry, MPH, President & CEO, Health Resource Solutions


“An informative and clear step-by-step guide on how to turn around your financial situation! This book gives you all the tools necessary to engage in the pursuit of financial independence without all the expensive memberships and fees. A great tool for any church, family, class or YOU. Toussaint Gaskins uses his gained knowledge to empower a people that would otherwise not have access to such information. You will be liberated!”
— R. Redwine, Senior Administrative Assistant


“…I can trust you enough to take your advice and even criticism when it comes to my finances, because by reading your biography, I understand you’re not an “outsider” looking down on me, but you came from where I came from.”

— L. Whitaker, Insurance Executive and Single Woman


“I must say that I am impressed with your book. It has a lot of good information [inside].”

— Chris & Andrea Evans, Married Couple, Executive and Attorney


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